*Ad/PR Sample* PebbleGear Toy Story Tablet – My 10 Fave Games!

I’ve had the PebbleGear Toy Story Themed Tablet for a few weeks now so I thought it would be fun to share my current favourite games I am playing on it! (Please note, the tablet was #gifted to me but I have not been asked to do this blog post, I just want to share my fave games with you!).

The tablet comes pre-loaded with three Toy Story themed games which I absolutely love, but this list is going to be for additional games that I downloaded onto the tablet via the Junior Game Store. For more info regarding that, check out my original in depth review of the tablet.

Do remember that this is my own personal list of games I enjoy; your tastes may be different!

DuckTales Remastered

This is a remake of the DuckTales game that was first released on the NES (Nintendo Emtertainment System) in 1989. You play as Scrooge McDuck and travel across the world in search of five treasures to further increase his fortune, and features appearances from other characters from the series (such as his nephews) along the way! The controls are pretty simple; you move Scrooge along with the arrows on the screen and he can jump, swipe his cane, break things etc.; and you collect diamonds as you go. There are bosses to defeat too. I do find some of the co trolls a little tricky one handed, but certainly manageable. It reminds me of some of the games I used to play on my GameBoy as a kid and I was a big fan of the DuckTales series so I love the nostalgic feel of the game.

Zootopia Crime Files

This is a game I actually played on my iPad before but now play on the PebbleGear tablet instead. It’s based on the Disney movie Zootopia (or Zootropolis) and is set out as a hidden object game. You have to find objects in different scenes from the movie, and use the clues to question suspects and solve the crimes. I love hidden object games anyway, and the fact that this is Zootopia themed makes it even more fun!

Frozen Freefall Icy Shot

This is another game I used to enjoy on my mobile phone so I’m very happy to play it again on the tablet. You have to shoot snowballs, solve the puzzles and earn power ups as you travel through the kingdom of Arendelle. I love the graphics and character appearances, and it’s a game I find good to play when I need distraction from my chronic pain.

Thief’s Mystery: Hidden Objects

As the title states, this is another hidden object game. In this one, you help Mrs Smith to steal mysterious relics and rare artefacts for her clients. The levels and puzzles get harder as you progress. Perhaps stealing isn’t the best thing to promote but I just really enjoyed the style of this game; the graphics and the story are really cool.

Pet Hotel

This is a very simple and repetitive game but again, it’s one I find useful for playing when I am in a lot of pain as it doesn’t require masses of concentration but it’s cute enough to keep me engaged. You basically run a pet sitting business and each “day” you get new animals (there are cats, dogs, chinchillas, hamsters, rats, alpacas, horses and ducks) to take care of for your clients and you have to feed/clean/play with them and earn money to upgrade enclosures etc. Not the greatest graphics in the world, but still pretty cute and I like the sequences when you “play” with the different animals.

Jolly Days Farm

There are a few different variants of this game in the game store, but this one is my favourite that I’ve tried of them so far. You basically have a farm and you have to keep various animals to make produce (such as chickens for eggs, pigs for pork etc) that you send off to be sold at a market. There are various goals you have to complete on each level, and they get harder as you go along. You have to make sure your animals don’t get eaten by wild boars too! I like the graphics and colours of this version, and it’s quite deceptive as you think it’s going to be really easy when you start playing, but it does get quite tricky as you progress!

Cars Lightning League

I normally find racing games a bit too tricky to play one handed these days, but this one is brilliant. The controls are nice and easy (but not so easy that the game is boring, and some parts are still quite challenging) and I love the graphics and game play with it being Cars themed.

Puzzles with Garfield

The title is fairly self explanatory, but basically this comprises of various Garfield themed jigsaw puzzles for you to complete. You can choose from three levels of pieces and although they are pretty basic, I still enjoyed them and the different images of Garfield are really cute.

Cut the Rope 2

Another example of a game I have played and enjoyed before on iOS so pleased to play it again on the tablet. Most people are probably familiar with this game by now, but on each level you have to solve how to get the candy to the character for him to eat, by cutting the ropes it is attached to, and by popping balloons and setting off bombs etc. It starts out fairly easy but does get a lot trickier as you progress!

Star Wars Puzzle Droids

Finally, this is a Star Wars themed gem matching game and it’s brilliant! I love the graphics and it features so many characters and moments from the films. It’s a good choice if you want something a little more challenging too as it really does get quite tricky as you advance through the levels!

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