Mattel Toy Story 4 Benson & Woody Figure Set

This set is one of the ones I was most excited about Mattel releasing for Toy Story 4, but sadly it was never released widely here in the UK (and likely won’t be now as it’s classed as a 2019 toy). I managed to find one on eBay for a reasonable price though and they accepted a lower offer too, so I finally have it!

It includes figures of Benson and Woody. The packaging is pretty cool and I love the antique store background they are attached too. I wish it was possible to remove them and retain that piece nicely to use for backdrops but unfortunately it’s not really possibly to do that once you take them out due to the way the plastic casings etc are attached to it. If you are in in-box collector though, it looks pretty cool!

We’ll take a look at Benson first as he is the main reason I was particularly excited about this set. I’ve always had a bit of a thing for ventriloquist dummies (I adored Slappy from Goosebumps) so I really love Benson as a character and was desperate to get a toy version of him for my collection. This figure does not disappoint and has definitely taken the spot as one of my all time fave toy figures! The detail on him is incredible,; from his paint work, the way his jacket is like a flexible rubber so he can sit easily and it looks more like it’s hanging from him, the way his limbs can move in all sorts of odd directions just like in the movie and in real life dummies… I could go on but it should be obvious that I am in love with him! If you press the back of his head, his mouth opens, and even with his bendy limbs, he can stand really well be himself and sit really nicely on a shelf too. Mattel really have outdone themselves with him, he is fantastic!

The other good thing about this set is that the Woody is different! With a lot of the Mattel multipacks, you end up having to get doubles of some characters just to get one other character that you need etc, and so I have multiple Buzz and Woody’s that are exactly the same. This Woody is different though because he has a different facial expression (scared) which will come in handy for different photos so I’m really pleased with him too. It’s quite a versatile face too because depending on what other items and angles etc you use in the photos, you could make him look scared, perplexed, bored etc.

Overall, this is a great set and if you can pick one up, I highly recommend it. It does get pricey most the time that it pops up for sale in the UK, but Benson is so awesome that I’d say it’s worth it, plus you get the extra bonus Woody!

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