Rewind Week – Day 2 – Happy Meal Toys

Today’s topic/theme is Happy Meal toys! They really don’t make them like they used to, modern day releases pale in comparison to some of the classics from the nineties and noughties, so we’ll be reminiscing about some of those gems today. Check out my Instagram account for more content, but below you can check our today’s recommended YouTube viewing, and download the activity sheet and colouring page.

Recommended YouTube Viewing:

Here are some YouTube videos relating to our topic of the day (Happy Meal Toys) that you should check out! Do keep in mind though that some of the toys down in the videos, we won’t have had in the UK. But lots are the same and they are all fun to see!

Activity Sheet/Colouring Page:

Every day I’ll be sharing one activity sheet relevant to the topic of the day, plus one colouring in page of a throwback cartoon or kids show. You have to vote for which colouring page you want each morning on my Instagram stories, and today’s winner was Pinky and the Brain!

Click here to download the PDF file!

(Both sheets are combined together as one PDF document)

All activity sheets and colouring pages are drawn by me. They are free to download and print but please do not redistribute them elsewhere without permission. If you would like to support me for the work I have put into all the content this week, please consider “buying me a coffee” on my KoFi account.

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