*Ad/PR Sample* Fuzzikins Campervan by InterPlay

I was kindly sent a cool toy to review this week and I’m really excited to show it to you! This is the Fuzzikins Campervan by InterPlay and it’s awesome! We actually bought the yellow version of this for my niece last Christmas and she absolutely loved it, but I didn’t get a chance to have a close look at it myself so I’m super happy to finally have the opportunity!

This is the new pink version of the Campervan, and it comes with three Fuzzikins figures. Fuzzikins are little flocked animal figures that you can colour in! They come with washable felt pens which you can use to draw designs on the figures and customise them; but the extra cool thing is that if you fancy changing their look or you make a mistake, you can just wash them off with water, leave them to dry, and then start again! The figures included with the Campervan are a little cat family (big, medium and small).

As well as being able to colour in the figures, the Campervan also comes with some sticker sheets that you can colour too, and then use to decorate the van! There are four felt pens included with the set which I used to colour the figures, but I used some other felt pens I already owned to colour the stickers.

The Campervan itself doubles as a carry case and a fold out play set. It doesn’t have working wheels, but you can slide it along a carpeted floor easily and pretend it’s driving. The side opens out and inside is a seating area, And the driver seat and steering wheel. The “cupboard” display in the seating area folds down to become a bed, just like in a real Campervan; and there is a felt blanket included too so you can tuck your Fuzzikins in to sleep. You could also use the blanket as a little picnic rug too! (Please note; the mug, book and tiny toy figure are not included with the Campervan set, they are items from my own collection that I added in to play). One of my favourite features also, is that the pink carrying handle on top of the case can actually be clipped off and used as a surfboard! So cute! There is a clip in the case/Campervan too so you can store the pens and figures in there all together and take it around easily with you.

I absolutely loved this set! I may be an adult, but it kept me busy and entertained for quite some time, and it was just really nice and therapeutic too. My niece (aged 7) loves her set she had last Christmas too and still plays with it often. I know I’m going to have fun using the Campervan with other figures for my toy photography as well. There are some other fun sets available in the Fuzzikins range, including some little colour-in cardboard “shops” that each come with a figure; and I enjoyed this set so much that I’ve actually already ordered myself and my niece one of the shop sets so I’ll show you that very soon too! You can find much of the Fuzzikins range at places like Amazon, Argos and Smyths Toys.

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