Toy Story Land Promotional Woody Doll

I saw this Woody doll on my friend Hayley’s feed on instagram (@hayleystoystory) and I knew I needed to add him to my search list. Luckily someone messaged me on Instagram a couple of weeks later to say they were selling one so of course I bought him!

UPDATE – At fist I assumed this Woody had been released at Walt Disney World because of his box and tag, but it turns out he was actually a promotional one that was sent out to travel agencies as part of a competition to win a trip to Florida as promotion for the new Toy Story Land opening at Walt Disney World. So that’s pretty cool as he isn’t one that has been released for general sale. Therefore, probably your best way of finding him is to look on eBay.

The big draw of this Woody for me was his awesome box. He comes in a large cardboard box which is made to look a bit like a wooden crate. It has “Lost Property” written on the sides in colourful letters, some #1 Sheriff star badges, some “Urgent” stickers, a return address label with “Walt Disney World Resort” as the destination, as well as some other cute stickers with things such as “fragile” and “this way up” with silhouette graphics of other Toy Story characters on. On one side it has a large sticker (I am saying sticker by the way but they aren’t stuck on like stickers; they are part of the printed box design, they are just meant to look like stickers) that says “Caution – Rootinest Tootinest Cowboy” which is really cute, and one saying “Tri-State Area A113”. On the bottom there is one that says “Oops! I’m upside down!”.

Woody himself comes with a label around his neck with “Lost Property”on one side; and on the back it says “Return urgently to: Disney’s Hollywood Studios, Walt Disney Resort…” which just really tugs at my pullstring! I always think of myself as “rescuing” toys and so this makes it feel like that even more.

As a Woody doll, he’s pretty nice! His outfit is quite detailed and his face is a different face mould to any Woody’s I already have which is nice, and he just looks really smart and quite special. His body is not my favourite but it’s ok. His arms stick out a bit and he just doesn’t have the same “movement” as many other Woody’s for placing his arms and legs in certain positions etc. But aside from that, he really is a gorgeous doll. He has Andy written on his boot Andy he does have a working pull string and says some of the usual Woody phrases. I have included a couple of photos of him with a ThinkWay Toys Woody just to show some of the differences. I love them both in different ways ?

I’m very pleased to have discovered him and now have him in my collection. If you can find one, I definitely recommend him! And as I said, if anyone has any more information about him, please let me know!

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  1. Susan
    December 1, 2018 / 11:23 pm

    I purchased one of these at a charity auction I payed £55 people are telling me not to open it it’s all sealed and has come from tiu the travel agent

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