Mattel Aliens Figure Set

As promised, here is a look at the set of Alien figures by Mattel, from the same collection as the Slinky figure I posted yesterday. You can purchase them in Smyths Toys but I’m sure they’ll probably start appearing in other places soon too.

They come in the same sort of open style box, with an image of them on the back and showing the other two figures in the range.

You get three in the set, each with a slightly different expression and body position shape. It states that they are poseable but basically all that’s poseable about them is that you can twist their arms up and down.

They are nice figures and the detail on them isn’t bad, but I dont think they are as good value as Slinky (they were around the same price as him, about £12). However, I do really like the size of them and they’ll fit in nicely scale wise with some other Toy Story figures I have so I’m still pleased I got them.

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