*AD/PR* Winnie the Pooh Magic Mail from Moonpig

I was very lucky to receive some incredible “magic mail” from Moonpig recently to celebrate the release of the new Christopher Robin film. They very kindly asked if they could send me some things and to be honest, I assumed it would be some cards from their range; so when a huge box turned up, I was so gobsacked and thankful!

You can see some pictures in a story highlight on my new Instagram account, @100acreadventures, of Pooh and the gang opening the parcel; but in this blog post I want to tell you a little more about the products. (Disclaimer: Although Moonpig did kindly send me the products, they did not ask me to write a blog post or anything about them, I am doing that because I am just so thankful and genuinely love the items they sent so much that I want to give you more info on them) 💖

First up, they included this beautiful card which is one of the designs you can find on their website (search WP625), and customise with writing of your choice (or no writing at all if you prefer)

Then Pooh found this beautiful wooden pull-along puzzle train, made by Orange Tree Toys. The “carriages” can all be detached and the different wooden characters can be swapped about. It’s absolutely stunning and would make a lovely gift for a small child (or a Pooh Bear 😉).

Next inside was this set of little board books published by Egmont. There are 6 in the set, with each one being about a different character. They contain short rhymes about whichever character the book is about, and they are all so cute! My favourite is the one about Pooh. Also, if you turn them over, the backs of the books all line up to make a picture, so they are books and a puzzle in one!

Next was a stunning china breakfast gift set, made by Widdop and Co. It is presented in a beautiful gift box, and contains a bowl, two handled cup, and a spoon. The cup has the map of the hundred acre wood on it; inside the bowl is a picture of Christopher Robin and Pooh on the poohsticks bridge, and a lovely quote around the rim, and on the outside of the bowl is a picture of Pooh and Piglet. The spoon has a little bee on it and the words “buzz buzz”. It’s absol stunning and would make a beautiful new baby or Christening gift (or something rather useful for Pooh Bear’s to eat honey from 😉).

Eeyore found himself a cuddly new friend inside the parcel too, so he won’t ever be lonely now. The adorable little classic Pooh plush is made by Rainbow Designs Ltd. and I believe you can get Piglet, Eeyore and Tigger in the same range too, as well as some other soft baby toys like raffles and comforters.

Finally, there was another wonderful toy by Orange Tree Toys inside the parcel too, which was this gorgeous wooden skittles set. Each wooden pin depicts a different character and they are sized appropriately to match their character which is adorable. It comes with two balls, and I love how they are yellow and red to represent Pooh. Again, they would make such a wonderful gift for a young child; but it would seem they are rather fun for bears, donkey’s and tigger’s too!

Thank you so much to Moonpig for sending these wonderful gifts to me; I am so incredibly thankful. You really cheered me up during a tricky time in my life 💖

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