Mattel Slinky Dog Action Figure

Happy New Year everyone! I’m sure 2019 is going to be a busy time with my blog as no doubt there are going to be so many awesome new Toy Story toys to show you since Toy Story 4 comes out this year, eeeeeek!

The toy I am showing you today was technically  released in 2018 but it was right at the end of the year so I’m sure he is going to still be in stores for some time yet.

It is a poseable figure of Slinky Dog, made by Mattel. It comes secured in a kind of open display box with minimal plastic packaging and easy to remove. The back of the box shows an image of him and demonstrates how he “works”. It also shows you two other figure sets available in the range: Hamm with some coins, and a set of three aliens (I’ll be showing you the aliens next!).

My first impressions of this toy were great and I wasn’t disappointed when I took him out the packaging. He has the CUTEST little face! His legs all move forwards and backwards and you can bend his body into different positions and extend it so he is a bit longer etc. His body is made of plastic extendable tubing, it doesn’t have real coils, but it works so much better and makes him so much easier to pose etc. His ears have the kind of leathery look to them that you expect (but are soft plastic).

Honestly, the detail on this little dude is fantastic. He has easily become one of my fave figures ever released and I just know I will be using him in photos A LOT. The only thing that would make him slightly more awesome is if his neck could bend up and down. You can turn his head on the neck a bit, but the neck itself doesn’t move. It’s not a huge issue though and he is still incredibly awesome, especially for such a reasonable price. He was around £12 but I would have happily paid more for him as he is just so great. He also comes with a little plastic Pixar/Luxo ball (hollow plastic) which is really cool and again, will be great to use in photos.

As you can tell, I’m impressed by him. Mattel really did an amazing job on him! Check out a couple more pics below:

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