Holiday Hero Woody by Mattel

This Woody doll has been on my grail list for years and I finally managed to pick him up last week (though not without some issues which I’ll explain shortly).

He was released by Mattel in around 1999 but I’m not sure what shops he would have been available in though.

I managed to get him on eBay and he was described as in perfect condition but sadly when he arrived, he wasn’t working. I had to completely de-box him to get to his battery compartment and the batteries had all leaked and corroded so it took a long time cleaning it out to get him to work again. It also meant his value significantly decreased from what I paid as I had to de-box him which is super annoying but eBay are helping me to get a partial refund to reflect this as he was not as described. The seller isn’t co-operating sadly as they said I should have “assumed he wasn’t working as he’s old” which is nonsense as I are plenty of other Toy Story toys older than him still in boxes with their original batteries that work fine, and the point is, the should still have mentioned it. But anyway, eBay will help me out if the seller continues not to co-operate so I’m not too worried.

As I had to take him out the box though, it means I can show you him in much more detail now. His box is quite nice (though that also was not in perfect condition, with quite a few scuff marks on it) and festive and I love the picture of him on the back. The little rhyme is also really cute too.

Woody is dressed as Father Christmas in a lovely plush velvet red suit, but with some nice cowboy touches such as the cow print belt and his shiny black cowboy boots. Instead of a Santa hat, he is wearing a white cowboy hat; and of course, he has his sheriff badge too. His neckerchief is a festive green colour too.

The expression on his face is really nice and his body is quite nicely “stuffed”. His left arm is a little stiff where it had been tied in that one position for so many years but I’m sure that will improve over time now that he is out the box.

He says five “holiday”phrases which are; “I’m gonna lasso me a Merry Christmas”, “Jangle spurs, jangle spurs, jangle all the way”, “There’s a reindeer in my boot”, “Put that mistletoe down, I’m warning ya,”, and “Let’s rustle up some presents”. They are pretty cute but it would be nice if he said one or two more. I would also say out of all the Woody dolls I have, he probably sounds the least like Woody lol, but he is still really lovely and I’m pleased to have him in my collection. Now I just need to find the Buzz to go with him!

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