Wheezy & Mrs Nesbitt Funko Pop! Vinyl Figures

Two more of the Toy Story pops I had pre-ordered have arrived so I’m going to do my usual and show you them in a bit more detail. The ones that arrived are Wheezy and Buzz as Mrs Nesbitt.

I won’t show you the boxes again as you know those well enough, so I’ll dive straight in to showing you the figures, starting with Wheezy. I was a little anxious to get mine as I have seen quite a few people receive theirs with bad paint jobs etc and whilst mine does have a few flaws, and a couple of marks, he isn’t too bad and certainly isn’t the worst pop I have had before. He’s in a cute little pose with his microphone and I’m pleased to add him to my collection.

Mrs Nesbitt is probably a lot more exciting as a pop as it’s quite a fun “character” to produce and it’s really nicely detailed. The pose and her facial expression are spot on, and the paint work and detail is amazing. I love the separate arm with the teapot though I think a cool feature would have been if they’d made it so there was a hole in the arm socket so you could slot it back in if you wanted to. All in all though, an awesome pop and definitely one of my new favourites. I’m just waiting on the Woody with RC pop now, and hopefully there will be a little break until all the new Toy Story 4 ones are released to give my wallet a rest ?

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