Jakks Pacific “Incredibles 2” Jack-Jack Attacks Doll

I have been so excited seeing all the previews for all the Incredibles 2 toys  being released by Jakks Pacific. They have been available in the US for a little while now but have only just started to show up in shops here in the UK in the last couple of weeks. One I k ew I needed ASAP was this amazing Jack-Jack Attack’s doll.

He was quite pricey at £39.99 but in my opinion, he is absolutely worth it. I got mine on Amazon but he has also been spotted in Smyths Toys so far, and may pop up in other stores soon closer to the movie being released. The box was a bit battered when mine arrived but as I de-box it wasn’t a huge issue. If you want to keep yours boxed, you’re probably better off buying in a physical store so you can choose it yourself. The artwork on the box is really nice and although I won’t be keeping Jack-Jack in the box, I will keep it.

Jack-Jack is a really nice size, like he’s a real baby. He comes in his little red suit and has his trademark shot of hair sticking up. He can sit really well and his legs move so he can stand up straight and he can stand well unaided. His arms move really nicely too and his little hands are just adorable. He is so detailed, like he’s popped right out of the screen! I just adore him! I haven’t taken his suit off completely but I had a peek under it and his body is all flesh coloured.

You can press his tummy and he makes various cute baby noises; plus he glows red and his eyes light up like when he shoots lasers from them. My favourite one though is when he does cute little sneezes and when he sneezes, he lights up red briefly. Adorable!

My only complaint about the set is his raccoon friend that he comes with. It’s a nice figure, made of plastic but with a fluffy tail, and it’s head can turn. However, it is very top heavy and it is a pain to stand. It wants to tip forward and fall over constantly. I’m not overly bothered as I got the set for Jack-Jack, not the raccoon, but considering the price it would have been nice if it would stand easily.

However, despite that issue with the raccoon figure, I absolutely love this toy! It’s absolutely worth it for Jack-Jack alone, he is incredible. Well done Jakks Pacific! I can’t wait to get some more toys from the range, and to see the movie of course!

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