ShopDisney Forky Talking Action Figure

It’s a bit of a Forky takeover at the moment as all my latest posts are about some kind of Forky product, but so many cool ones keep being released ?

Today I’m here to show you the new Forky talking action figure from ShopDisney. It’s not technically out in stores yet, but they had it for pre-order on ShopDisneyUK so I ordered him, and he arrived yesterday, ahead of schedule. He should be available in stores and online for general release very soon; and hopefully in the US soon too.

He comes in a really gorgeous box that looks like it is decorated with Bonnie’s artwork. He’s smaller than I expected, but still a good scale with the other Toy Story Toys.

The detail on him is really nice. His arms are plastic but they are textured to look like pipe cleaners. Unfortunately they are not bendy/poseable like the Mattel Forky, but it’s not a huge issue. I think his face looks more authentic, and he has “Pizza Planet” moulded on the back of him; and Bonnie’s name written on the bottom of his feet which is an adorable touch.

When you push him along, his feet and arms wobble and he looks really cute (check out the first video below). He has a button on the side of his “base” that you press to make him talk and he says various phrases from the movie. He says more than the Mattel True Talkers Forky. According to his box, if you activate him near the new Woody and Bo Peep dolls from ShopDisney, it will unlock special phrases. I have the new Bo Peep but I haven’t tried them next to each other yet but I’m interested to see that working.

All in all, he’s a really nice figure and I’m very pleased with him. The only thing I think could have improved him a little would be having bendy arms but I guess I have the Mattel figure for that so it’s not the end of the world. If you are looking for a Forky Figure to buy as a collector, I definitely recommend him, and if you were only going to try and buy one Forky, I think this would be the one I’d suggest as I think his likeness to the film is a bit more authentic. If you are wanting one for a younger child to play with, I’d probably suggest the Mattel True Talkers as it’s a but sturdier and feels like it would be more durable to withstand playtime a bit better 😉

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