Mattel Toy Story Minis Andy’s Room Playset

Yesterday I showed you the Western Adventure Playset from the Toy Story Minis range by Mattel, so today I am going to show you the Andy’s Room Playset from the same range.

Like the other set, this one comes with one figure and this time it’s Buzz. It features a scene of Andy’s Room, with his wall and desk, and also comes with a car for Buzz to sit in, and Andy’s toybox which Buzz can also fit inside. It has a slide that attaches to the desk either out to the side, or out in front. Buzz fits inside the car so he can go down the slide in it. The wall has a window in it and if you stand Buzz on the desk, the lamp moves so you can knock him out the window just like what happens in the first movie. Poor Buzz ? The set can connect to the Western Adventure Playset too, which I have shown in the last picture. It’s a fun little set and will be cool to use in photos with the other characters in the range. I love that they included Andy’s toybox, and I love the feature of being able to knock Buzz out the window with the lamp (sorry Buzz ?).

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