Mattel Coco Figures

I got these figures out today to take a pic for my Instagram account, and whilst I was at it I thought I’d take a few individual pics to show you them in a blog post. I can’t show you any pictures of the packaging as I didn’t keep it, but these figures were made by Mattel and they are pretty decent!

Most of them were sold individually, but I believe the Miguel’s and Dante’s were in two packs if I remember correctly (so a Dante and Miguel in each pack). I’m pretty sure this is the complete set of figures that were available in this specific line, and as you can see they did Ernesto, Hector, Mama Imelda, regular Miguel, land of the dead Miguel, regular Dante and Alebrije Dante. The detail on all of them is pretty good and they are fairly poseable. The Miguel with his hoodie up is really cool as his head has two sides and you can spin it to show which one you desire. The regular Dante is my favourite figure of the set though, purely because of his tongue! It’s made of like a rubbery material so it’s all floppy and tongue-like! These aren’t sold in stores now so you’ll have to try eBay if you want to add them to your collection.

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