Mattel Wall-E and Eve Figure Pack

Howdy friends! Today I’m going to show you the recently released Wall-E and Eve figure pack by Mattel, from their new Pixar figure range. I ordered mine from Blind Boxes and was really impressed with their service. Speedy delivery and well packaged, I’ll definitely be using them again!

The figures come on this open style cardboard backing packaging. I like these boxes as they use much less plastic which is always a plus, and it’s easier to preserve them if you want to keep them as the figures are so much easier to take off. On the back it shows you some of the other figures currently available in the range.

Let’s start by looking at Wall-E himself. He’s a great size and his detailing is fairly decent for a basic figure. He is quite poseable too and can move his head and arms, and he has little wheels underneath to push him along easily. I already had a similarly sized Wall-E figure made by Thinkway Toys back when the film was released so I was interested to see how the two compare. Thinkway Toys Wall-E is a bit bigger and more detailed. His posing is also more superior as his head moves around more and he can also open and close his hands. The wheel detail is actually probably a bit more defined on the Mattel one though which I really like. The biggest noticeable difference for me though is the position of the arms. They are further forward on the Mattel Wall-E which seems odd to me but probably only because I’m used to the Thinkway Toys model; I don’t think you’d really notice if you just have the Mattel figure.

Now let’s take a look at Eve! Again, she is a nice size and pretty poseable. Her arms can move out from her sides and forwards and backwards, and her head can move a bit too. She is on a little clear stand so it seems like she is hovering and you can tilt her slightly on that too. I have the original Thinkway Toys Eve as well and there are some differences again. Thinkway Toys Eve is actually smaller and totally smooth, whereas Mattel Eve is bigger and has the detailing on her front and her “hands” too. Mattel Eve’s face is a sticker transfer whereas Thinkway Toys Eve is part of the plastic structure. For photos, I prefer Mattel Eve as it’s easier to take pics of her face without loads of shine coming off it, but in real life Thinkway Toys Eve just looks really smart and sleek. Their stands are different too. Mattel Eve’s stand is attached via her base and is quite small and inconspicuous which is nice for taking photos. Thinkway Toys Eve is attached to hers via her back and although you can twist her and position her on it in more varied ways, it’s pretty big and much harder to hide in photos (though she can detach from it if needed which is good).

Overall, this is another awesome figure set by Mattel and I’d definitely recommend them if you are looking for some decent Wall-E figures! Although generally I would say I prefer my Thinkway Toys Wall-E for the extra detail and articulation, I am afraid of taking him out and about with me sometimes in case I damage him so now I can use Mattel Wall-E instead. The same goes for Eve; they are both going to be great for taking in my bag ready for photos when I’m out and about.

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