Toy Story 4 Duke Caboom Lego Set (10767)

I’ve nearly got all the Toy Story 4 Lego sets now, but haven’t done blog posts about all of them yet. I received this one for my birthday a few weeks ago though so thought I’d take some pics for a blog post whilst I was building it.

This is the Duke Caboom Stunt Set and it was on Amazon for a really great price recently so it’s worth checking on there if you want to buy it. All of the Toy Story 4 Lego is in the easy building style, and I understand why they did it, but I’m not hugely pleased by it. I wish they had done a couple of more complex build sets too like the old Toy Story sets they did, but never mind, at least we got some for Toy Story 4!

So this set comes with Duke and Woody figures, Duke’s bike, and a stunt ramp and accessories. Both figures have two different faces printed on either sides of their heads so you can twist them round for different facial expressions. Duke’s got his little cape, and his helmet visor can lift up and down. You have to take his hair off to put his helmet on, whereas Woody’s hair and hat are one moulded piece. Excuse the fact that I handed pushed Woody’s torso down completely on his legs in the photo, it makes him look like he has low hung pants haha!

Duke’s bike is pretty cool and very simple to put together which may be a plus for small builders. It stands nicely and Duke sits nicely on it. Woody can hold onto the seat post too so it looks like he’s clinging on behind. The sign and all pieces with pictures/graphics on, come with the images already printed on so there are no fiddly stickers. I thought the way the fire ring is built is really cool and looks really effective.

Although it’s not as fun for me personally to build as other more complex sets, I still found it really enjoyable and it would be a nice fun set for kids etc to build themselves as it’s quite simple to follow but still looks quite impressive when you are done. I’d definitely recommend adding it to your collection if you are a fan of both Toy Story and Lego.

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