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I have dreamt of owning a Bo Peep doll since the film first came out, and sadly I was never lucky enough to get the original Thinkway Toys Bo. I did eventually get a Disney on Ice Bo Doll which was better than nothing, but still, the dream has always been for a decent Bo and today my dream came true!

This beauty was released on ShopDisney UK yesterday and I ordered her immediately and paid next day delivery as I needed her here ASAP! She hasn’t been released in the US yet but should be available there in the next couple of weeks. She is a talking one, and if you get the other new releases of Woody, Buzz, Jessie and Forky, they can interact with each other and unlock special phrases.

Her box is pretty nice, with a lace, ribbon and jewel print design on it. Interestingly, there is also a Taco on it so I can’t wait to see the new movie and find out the significance of that 😂 The inner carton is white with pink polka dots like her skirt.

Straight out the box, she is stunning; I am honestly so overjoyed with her. Her face is lovely and I love her body shape, she has gorgeous curvy hips! Her wrists twist which is good for posing. One hand is curved so she can hold her crook, which fits very nicely. Her arms bend with a click joint, like you find in Barbie dolls etc. They have two click positions. Her legs also have a click joint but they only click once. Her ankles are more jointed and bend well but they do look slightly flimsy so just be a bit careful with those when posing her and don’t be too rough.

Her outfit is lovely and detailed too, with Lacey details on the sleeves and leg cuffs, and a Lacey front. The pink “belt” is detachable via Velcro, and her jumpsuit is fastened with Velcro too. Her cape/skirt is beautifully silky, it has a lovely purple button on the front but that’s for decoration, it actually fastens with a popper underneath. On one side it is plain blue, and the underside it is white with pink spots, so you can actually fasten it around her waist to become her skirt. Her arm bandages are not fabric or removable, they are actually plastic moulded as part of her arms, and painted. The white one especially is really detailed, and the detail on her crook is really awesome too. She does have undies and although they aren’t fabric, they are still wonderful! They are painted on but the detail is adorable; white with pink polka dots and pink trim! I realise I didn’t take pics of her sitting in her clothes but as you can see from the knicker shot, she sits really well, her hip joints are great and allow a wide range of movement. She doesn’t have her bonnet but she has a fabric bow instead. Itsattached with little plastic ties which although annoying, I will leave those on as it doesn’t look like it will stay on well without those.

She says various phrases and has an on/off switch in her back. You make her talk by pressing a button on her back. I like that it’s there because it won’t get in the way in photos like if it were on her hand or something. I won’t say the phrases as some of them may be a bit spoiler-y for the new movie, but they are nice phrases and nice and clear.

In some of the extra photos below you can see her with the Medicom Ultimate Woody and as you can see, they look really great together size wise. He is a pretty similar size to the Signature Thinkway Toys Woody and most other standard Woody dolls so the size difference will be pretty similar.

Generally, I am absolutely thrilled with her. There are a couple of things that would make her even more perfect for me, such as I’d prefer it if she had proper jointed arms and legs like the Made to Move Barbie’s,and even the Epic Moves Bo Peep Doll that has been released too. It would also have been nice if she had her bonnet and her sheep too. I do have the sheep from the original Thinkway Toys Doll but they will look a bit small with her as she is quite a bit bigger than that one. Still, I am thrilled with her and I know I’ll be using her in photos a lot.

Thanks for reading, friends!

Lucy xxx

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