Funko 5 Star “Stranger Things” Figures

Howdy friends! I’m declaring it “Stranger Saturday” today, so I’m going to show you some figures from my Stranger Things collection. These are the “5 Star” figures by Funko, and I‘ll be showing you Will, Dustin, Lucas, Mike, and Eleven (which were the only ST characters they made in this range). Funko are most known for their Pop! Vinyl figures but they launched these 5 Star figures in 2018 and they’ve made a few for various fandoms such as Harry Potter, Marvel, DC, Disney, Horror Etc. I don’t think they have been as popular though, which is a shame as I think they are pretty great!

I won’t show you all the boxes as they all look pretty much the same and they were a pain to photograph! But here is Mike in his box. They open like a book, and you can see the figure peeping through the window on the front. The Upside Down box artwork is quite cool, and on the back of the boxes it shows you what other characters are available. The figures are smaller than Pops, with smaller heads and more detailed faces with proper eyes etc. They also each come with some accessories associated with their character which is a huge plus for me; their arms can move up and down, their heads can twist, and they can hold most their accessories in their hands.

Mike comes with a torch and a walkie talkie. He’s pretty nicely detailed and they made his face quite cute. He can hold his accessories really well.

Dustin comes with a tiny Dart, and a compass. I love the detail on his outfit but I’m not as crazy about his face; they could have made him a lot cuter, but he’s still adorable. I love that he has a little Dart with him, even though technically the kids themselves are modelled on how they looked in series one, and Dart wasn’t around then, but shhhh!

Lucas comes with binoculars and his wrist rocket (slingshot). Again, he is nicely detailed and has a cute little face!

Will is adorable with his little bowl haircut, and he comes with his drawing of the mind flayer (which again, he didn’t draw until season 2 but it’s a cool piece so I don’t mind), and a cassette tape. I like how they’ve coloured his eyes and lips so he looks a bit sickly and upside down-y!

Eleven is probably the coolest and she comes with a box of her beloved Eggo’s, and her blonde “wig”. One hand is in her power mode pose too which is a really cool touch. She does lean forward a bit which is slightly annoying, but she can still stand by herself and I guess that leaning forward works a bit if you raise her hand to make it look like she’s unleashing her powers on someone.

I really like these figures as I just love that they are a little more versatile than the Pops because they can move slightly, and because I just love that they come with little props/accessories too. There are one or two other characters from other fandoms that I’d consider getting for using for toy photography, such as the Frozen 2 ones and some of the Horror ones, but I’m not in a rush and happy just to have these cuties in my collection for now!

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