Bandai Woody Model Kit

Howdy friends! Today I’m excited to show you this awesome Woody figure model kit, made by Bandai. It’s sold in Japan and I pre-ordered mine months ago from Hobbylink Japan. I don’t know if they have any in stock now, but you may be able to find them on eBay if not.

Anyway, it’s a model kit that you build yourself and I was a little worried about how complicated it would be, but it’s actually really easy! The instructions it comes with are pretty clear and I put him together quite quickly. He comes with three different faces that you can easily swap over, and several pairs of hands.

The biggest problem I had with him, is that one of his arms didn’t stay on well, I think because the pieces for his arms don’t stay tight together as well as his other parts and when you try and move his arms, they would split apart a bit. I ended up using a bit of glue on some of his arm parts to hold them together a bit better and it’s made his loose arm a little more secure. Also, I did snap the knot piece off the back of his bandana as that is a super thin part so be very careful with that piece. I’ve glued it back on and it’s not too noticeable now. Also, his hat doesn’t stay on well, it’s like playing buckaroo with him trying to get that to sta on his head haha; but I just secured it with a blob of bluetac.

The posing of this guy is amazing! I experimented with a few quick poses with him and I was just so thrilled with what I could achieve with him! He balances really well too and I could easily pose him standing on one leg etc. He does come with a little standing plate with a peg for one foot, which I will use just to stand him more safely on display, but I didn’t need to use it at all to pose him for photos. It looks like the plate will attach to the one that comes with the Buzz figure too (which I also have and will show you another day). You can move his eyes around too so he looks in different directions which is really awesome. He also comes with two stickers to choose from for putting on the bottom of his boot, Andy or Bonnie’s names. I chose Andy 😉

I’ve shown him here with some other Woody figures to give an idea of size. Pictured left to right are Herocross Woody, Revoltech Woody, Bandai Model Kit Woody, and a basic Mattel Woody figure. I have to say, this Bandai Woody is totally my new favourite. He isn’t as detailed as the Revoltech Woody for example, but I just love his proportions more, I love his faces, and I actually find him much easier to pose too. He definitely feels the most fragile of them all though as the plastic he is made from is a lot lighter.

All in all, I am absolutely thrilled with him and I think I’ll be using him a lot in photos. It’s kind of a shame that he has the marks on parts of him from where the pieces were attached to the part sheets, but at some point I may give him so paint touch ups and stuff to try and mask those a bit. I absolutely recommend him though, and I can’t wait to get started on building the Buzz!

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