ShopDisney “Bo Peep Lamp” Hanging Decoration

This has got to be my favourite of the Toy Story decorations released by ShopDisney this year. It’s been a dream to have a Bo lamp ever since I saw the first film in the cinema, so to finally have one in some form is awesome! Of course, I’d love a real full size one, but this will do for now! Again, I ordered online so couldn’t choose myself and Bo’s face could be better, but it’s definitely acceptable and it’s just so stunning and detailed. Billy, Goat and Gruff are adorable, and the lampshade art is brilliant. It’s hard to see from the photos as I took them during the day, but it also lights up! It’s a lovely soft glow too which really reminds me of the part in Toy Story 4 when we see the lamp lit in the window of the antique shop. I’m really pleased with this one and can’t wait to see it lit up on our Christmas tree in the evenings.

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