Toy Review: Mattel Jurassic Park Legacy Dennis Nedry Getaway Pack

I haven’t done a toy review on my blog for quite some time now, but I’ve got a few awesome new things lately that I wanted to show in more detail than on Instagram.

This is a new set by Mattel from their new Jurassic Park Legacy line, and I pre-ordered it from Smyths Toys here in the UK. I’m so excited that they are starting to release some new affordable toys for the Jurassic Park/World movies, and this set captures one of the most iconic moments from Jurassic Park. It’s called the “Dennis Nedry Getaway Pack” (though technically, he didn’t actually get away haha) and includes figures of Dennis Nedry and a Dilophosaurus, and Dennis’s vehicle. The packaging is pretty cool. It’s an open box but there are some plastic casing parts holding some smaller parts on. I love that the background on the box is scenery from the film and I managed to salvage it to use for photo backdrops in future. It was annoying though that the wing mirrors for the vehicle were stuck in a plastic blister right in the middle of the waterfall part of the scenery though. I did manage to get them out without ripping it too much though so I can edit that in photos or position figures etc so they cover it up.

Let’s look at the vehicle first. It’s fairly basic, quite a light moulded plastic. The wheels turn, but the doors do not open. You can get inside the vehicle though by removing the “canopy” cover, and Dennis can sit comfortably inside it. It’s not highly detailed, but it does the job. Probably the most annoying thing about it for me is that the windscreen isn’t very clear so you can’t see Dennis very clearly through it when he’s sitting in the car. Perhaps they did this to make it more like the movie when he’s having trouble seeing out due to the rain, but yeah, I’d prefer the plastic to be a bit more clear and see through there.

Now let’s look at Dennis. Again, relatively basic but still pretty good considering how small he is etc. His glasses are fixed on to his head and there is very limited movement on his neck, but I’m not too bothered. The range of movement on his arms and legs is pretty good for being so small. I think they move just enough to be able to pose him fairly well for photos. He comes with his little stick which fits well in his hand. The biggest disappointment for me with him, and with the whole set really, is that it does not include a mini Barbasol can. That would have really “made” the set, and would have been better to include than his stick in my opinion.

Finally, we have the Dilophosaurus. Again, not hugely detailed, but still pretty decent. The neck frill is hinged so you can position those how you like. It’s the only part of it that does move though. The jaw doesn’t move, or the arms etc. However, I think the pose they used for it is pretty good and fairly universal to work for the types of shots I might want to use it for. It comes with a “spit” piece that fixes into its mouth nicely.

Generally, I’m really,pleased with this set. Yes, it’s not highly detailed but it’s made as a kids toy line and for that, I think it’s pretty good. As I said, the one notable complaint I have is that there is no Barbasol can but otherwise, it’s a decent set. If you are looking for highly detailed figures, you can stick to the Amber collection.

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