Mike & Boo Deluxe Nendoroid Figures

So a couple of weeks ago I wrote a blog post about the amazing Sulley Nendoroid Figure by Good Smile Company; and I mentioned that I was also waiting on the Mike & Boo Set to arrive. Well they finally turned up this week! Again, it was a long wait from the date they shipped to them finally arriving as they got held up in customs for ages (and I had to pay a dreaded customs charge again); but they are finally here!

As with Sulley, I ordered the deluxe version of Mike & Boo. I’m not sure how it differed from the standard set but I should imagine the standard one wouldn’t have come with optional faces for Boo and Mike, or her door.

The box is pretty similar in set up to Sulley’s, with a windowed front so you can see them both peeking out; and images showing them in different poses etc.

The parts are all layered in plastic cartons so I’ll show you what you get in each “layer”. In the first layer you get the actual Mike and Boo figures, plus stands for each of them.

In the next layer is an extra “sad” face for Boo, a scared face for Mike; and various extra leg and hand parts for Mike; including legs with his blue flippers and arms with the oven mitts. There are also some more “grippy” hands which look like they’ll be good if you want him to hold stuff. Boo’s door is also in the second layer too.

Now first impressions on taking Mike out, is he feels a lot more delicate than the Sulley. His plastic is a lot thinner and feels more hollow on his arms etc which I guess makes sense as they are obviously pretty small, but I was definitely a bit scared that I might snap parts of him when I was trying to swap them over etc. He is really nicely detailed though and his eye can move into loads of positions. He has a good range of movement in his arms and legs, however I find it really difficult to get his legs into a decent position to enable him to stand on his own without them looking all weird. He does have the stand which is nice, but I really don’t want to have to rely on using that to stand him in photos as I don’t want to see it in them and it will be a pain to have to try and edit out all the time. I also found that his hat does t stay on too well. It doesn’t click into place, just balances on really so if you knock him accidentally it just falls right off. It doesn’t stay on his head at all when you use his scared face, it only works with his normal face.

Again, Boo is quite hard to stand on her own as she’s so small with tiny little feet. It is possible but it does take some careful balancing. She is still super adorable though! Her head can move a little, as can her arms and legs, but it’s not a vast range of movement. Also, the arm that’s up in the arm looks a bit weird if you move it into a different position. She also comes with a little stand which does support her well but again, I’d rather not have to rely on using that in photos.

To change the parts, you just pull them off and slot the new ones in place basically. There is only one eye for Mike so you will need to remove it from the one face and place it in the other but it’s really easy to do. I was a bit scared changing his arms and legs as they do feel so delicate, so just be careful doing that as I think they could snap fairly easily if you are a bit rough with him. I love the extra parts Mike comes with and it’s fun using the stand to position him so it looks like he is suspended in the air but I’ll to play around with some different ways of trying to hide the stand in photos like that.

Boo’s extra face is meant to look sad but the slight issue when using that face is that her fringe (bangs) cover the eyebrows on it quite a lot which dampens the effect a little. You need to get the angle right so you can see the eyebrows properly so that she really looks sad in photos.

The door that comes with Mike & Boo is different to the one with Sulley because this one is the unbroken door (on the right). The one that comes with Sulley (on the left) is meant to be the door after they have repaired it. You can see the difference in the photo. They are both really detailed though and it’s  great to have both versions of the door.

Overall, I am really pleased with them and would recommend them for a collector; but there are a couple of issues i’d Have preferred not to be there (mainly the hat not fitting well, and the difficulty with standing Mike especially on his own). Sulley is definitely my favourite out of them but I’m still thrilled to have Mike & Boo and can’t wait to take lots more pictures of them all together in the future.

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