Sambro “Make Your Own Forky” Kit

Sambro have been releasing so many awesome Toy Story products lately, including stationery and various toys; but this “Make Your Own Forky” kit that I found recently is one of my fave items so far! I found it in The Range for only £6! They are sold out online at the moment but it’s worth checking your local store to see if they have any in, and hopefully they’ll re-stock soon. Thank you to my friend @pixarpete on Instagram for showing they were there!

Anyway, let’s take a look at the kit. It says it comes with everything you need to make Forky, plus a cardboard movie “scene” you can use to play afterwards.

Inside the box is the Forky base figure, adhesive google eyes, red pipe cleaners for making his arms, some dough for making his eyebrow and mouth, sticker sheets for decorating, and an instruction sheet.

The Forky “base” is really cool and high quality. It’s not just a cheap plastic spork, it’s a proper figure, and rather than having actual popsicle sticks to attach for his feet, they are already part of the base figure and you use stickers to make them look like popsicle sticks. In my opinion, this is much cooler as it makes him much sturdier. The coolest thing though, is it actually has Pizza Planet moulded onto the back so he looks really authentic.

So to start with, you stick his eyes on! There are little bevelled out areas on his face to guide you where to stick his eyes which works really well and I think it will be great for kids using the kit, to help them get them in the right spot.

Next, use the dough to make his eyebrow and mouth! The dough is actually really nice quality and you only need a tiny bit so you have pretty much the whole tub left over. However, you may want to use that to make more eyebrows and mouths in different shapes to give him different facial expressions.

Then stick the stickers onto his feet to make them look like popsicle sticks. Don’t worry that the top ones don’t reach all the way to the back as the gap will be covered when you use the white dough to make his “base” which you just clump round the bottom. I used the whole put of dough but you could probably use a bit less if you want to.

The last step is to make his arms with the pipe cleaners! Now my only complaint about this kit would be that I think the pipe cleaners needed to be a little longer. They are too short really to make his hands and attach them to his body, so I will probably swap them out soon for some different ones. It’s a small issue though and certainly doesn’t retract from the fun of making him.

The card background scene of Bonnie’s bedroom is really cool too, and I’m sure I’ll use it quite often for a photography backdrop now. The instruction sheet suggests you could try making your own stop motion animation which I think is a really fun idea!

I think this kit is fantastic and an absolute bargain for £6! I highly recommend it and I’m going to go back to my local store and try and get one each for my niece and nephew. If you get one, tag me in your pictures in Instagram so I can see your creations!

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