Mattel True Talkers Forky

I wasn’t sure if I was going to still bother to do a dedicated post for this Forky figure but I’ve had a few requests for it so here it is!

He is made by Mattel and is from their “True Talkers” range. They have done a lot of similar versions of most the characters but the True Talkers range is fairly self explanatory, and they are the talking versions. I got mine from Amazon, but they are also sold in Smyths Toys and some supermarkets so far, and will probably pop up in other toy shops and retailers soon too.

He comes attached to an open box, and on the back it shows you some of the other figures available. He’s a really nice, detailed figure. He has the little rainbow sticker on his “foot” and they’ve textured his “clay” base and “pipe cleaner” arms really well so they look pretty authentic (he’s actually all fully plastic). His arms are bendy and can be posed in different positions which I really love. He has a switch on the back which can be moved up and down to change his facial expression, and when you move that, that is when he talks. He says various phrases, most of which we have already heard in trailers, but I’m not going to say what any are in case it gives spoilers for anything.

I think he’s a really great figure and I’m pleased with my decion to get this one. I’m not sure how many other versions of him I’ll get, but i’m Very happy with this one as he is a great size for working with my other Toy Story Toys in photos, and his bendy arms and changing face give good possibilities for photos too. Check out some pictures below of him with my Medicom Ultimate Woody, who is a pretty similar size to the Thinkway Toys Signature Collection Woody, and most other standard Woody dolls.

Thanks for reading, friends!

Lucy xoxo

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