Beast Kingdom Woody

Howdy friends! I had an awesome new arrival this week; the Beast Kingdom Woody figure! I saw the promo pics of him months ago and knew I wanted to get him, and for a couple of months I’d seen collector’s in other countries had already managed to get him, but every place I contacted said he was still on pre-order. Eventually though, I actually found a UK based shop that finally had him in stock! The shop is Emporium of Cool and they also have Buzz available as well. It was my first time using them as a shop but I was really impressed with their service (they responded really quickly to my email enquiry, shipped him really fast and packaged well) so I’m sure I’ll be using them again in future.

Anyway, let’s get on to looking at Woody! The box has a pretty cool design with classic Woody colours and styles. On the back it shows you the box contents and an example of a pose you can put him in. There is an “instruction” sheet included which is pretty self explanatory, but I found it quite interesting because the images on it are clearly using an unfinished prototype of the figure so that’s pretty cool to see.

Straight out the box, he stands very well and first impressions are very good! He looks really nicely detailed and I really like the weight of him. I had watched a review of him on YouTube and they had expressed concern about his arm/shoulder pegs being quite fragile, and I would agree with that, but they weren’t as bad as I was expecting. So long as you are careful, I think they’ll hold up well. He has loads of articulation points so he is really great for posing. Sometimes he can look a little odd at the neck and stomach if you haven’t been careful with the positioning but I’m more used to that now after spending some time playing around with him. I was worried about hearing that his holster doesn’t swivel to move and how they might be a problem for sitting down shots etc, but it’s made of really flexible rubber type plastic so actually I‘ve found it fine.

He has three different faces, which are easy to swap over, and all have moveable eyes. One or two of the eyes I’ve found to be a bit looser then the others in the sockets so they slip a bit so you just have to be a bit more careful when positioning them. My biggest complaint is that one of the faces is the “Creepy” face. I’m not a fan of it at all, but this one is slightly less creepy than the ones seen on other figures such as the Revoltech Woody. I think with careful posing and camera angles, you might be able to use this one and not have it look SO creepy 😂 I also find the mouth positioning on his closed mouth face slightly odd for general shots, but it works really well for “toy mode” poses which is really what it was designed for. The open mouth one is really cute though and the one I think I’ll be using the most.

He comes with three sets of hands which are all pretty good and useful styles; and he also comes with an extra boot piece with Bonnie’s name written on it so you can choose if you want Andy or Bonnie. There is also a stand included but the stand is puzzling as it’s not tall enough? I would have thought it’s meant to grip round his waist, but it’s not tall enough to do that. Maybe I’m missing something really obvious about how you are meant to position it or extend it but yeah, that seems a bit odd to me 😂

Overall, I’m really pleased with him and I’m sure he’s going to be a figure I use a lot for pictures. I definitely want to try and get the Buzz to go with him if I can too. Check out one more picture below for a comparison shot of various Woody figures. From left to right we have Beast Kingdom, Bandai model kit, original Revoltech, Herocross, and the smaller Revoltech.

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