ImagiNext Toy Story Toys – Part 1

Happy Thursday friends! Today I’m going to show you some of the new Toy Story Toys from the ImagiNext range by Fisher Price. The items I’ll be showing you in this post are the Pizza Planet Truck with Buzz Figure Set, the RC car with Woody figure set, and the Woody and Bullseye Figure Pack.

Let’s start with the Pizza Planet Truck. It comes in this open box style packaging, with Buzz and two pizzas held behind plastic at the back. The back of the box shows details of what it can do and examples of other ImagiNext ranges. The thing I really liked about this packaging was it was super easy to get out! The truck is held in just by those twistable lock things on the bottom so you literally just twist them and it comes out straight away, ready to play!

The truck comes with a figure of Buzz, and two pizza pieces which you can load into the bonnet of the truck to shoot out. The truck is really detailed, even with one broken headlamp, and nice and sturdy. The doors open and close so you can sit Buzz inside and there is just about enough room in there for Woody too. I love the “window” stickers on the back with all the aliens peeping out.

However, there is a significant issue with this set. In theory, you should be able to stand Buzz on the top of the truck onto that red circle with the slots for his feet, and he’s meant to fit in that so that you can then turn the disc to shoot the pizzas out the front. However, he doesn’t fit in it! I’ve tried several times and he just won’t fit, or if he finally does, it’s for a few seconds and he pops back out of place. I’ve heard of quite a few people having this issue with it too so that’s a real shame as that’s a pretty key feature and it frustrated me enough as an adult trying to do it, so I suspect children are going to find it pretty annoying too.

The Buzz Figure is pretty cute, he can move his arms really well. He can sit down but the legs are fixed, they don’t move independently of each other so you couldn’t have one forward and one back etc.

The RC and Woody Set is probably my favourite of the two vehicle sets. It comes in the same style packaging as the truck and again, is really easy to get out. RC is really cute and chunky and when you push him along, his eyes move from side to side. Again, he’s nice and detailed and Woody sits really nicely inside him.

The Woody figure is really sweet and like the Buzz one, his arms can move fairly well and he can sit, but again, the legs are fixed so they have to move together.

Finally, we have the Woody and Bullseye Figure pack. As far as I can see from all the sets and figure packs available, this is the only set you can get Bullseye in. Bullseye is really cute with such a sweet face. His body does look a little weird from some angles as it dips in on the sides so that Woody can sit on him. He’s pretty much a static figure too, his legs don’t move at all but his head/neck can turn a bit. Woody slots on to sit on his back really easily and they look really cute together.

The Woody that comes with him is slightly different to the one with RC. His feet are a very slightly different shape which I think is in theory meant to mean he hooks on to stay on Bullseye better, but both Woody’s fit on and stay on perfectly fine. The one other difference between them is that the Woody with RC can turn his head side to side but this one can’t.

I think these are great little toys, for adults and kids alike, and I will definitely be collecting the whole set. I want to get the Pizza Planet Playset next! There have also been pictures appearing on Instagram of some more Figure sets featuring some of the new characters from Toy Story 4 such as Forky, Ducky and Bunny so I’m definitely going to be on the look out for those too! Hopefully I’ll be able to get the Pizza Planet Playset to show you all soon,

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