Bandai Buzz Lightyear Model Kit

I’m excited to show you the Buzz Lightyear version of the Bandai model kits today (see my post about the Woody one here). It’s the same format as the Woody one, but of course, it’s to build Buzz!

I found him pretty easy to assemble. I saw a few people saying they had difficulty with him and that they snapped some of the parts trying to take them off the sheets, but you just need to be super careful and it’s fine. Some people suggested using model kit tools to do it but I managed ok without. Like Woody, he comes with some interchangeable faces and hands which make his posing and photographic possibilities really awesome. I didn’t really encounter any big issues with building him. The only thing I didn’t really like was that they provide stickers for you to put on his chest buttons which didn’t look great, so I painted his buttons instead.

He is really detailed and I love the three faces he comes with. He only comes with two sets of hands and they are both nice sets but I think one extra set would have been welcome. His coolest feature though, is that his wings actually pop out when you push his red button! Also, I forgot to show a picture, but he comes with a choice of two stickers for the bottom of his foot; one with Andy’s name or one with Bonnie’s name. I chose the Andy sticker for mine.

His posing is really great and I’ve taken a few shots below to try and show you. He comes with a stand like Woody which is cool for putting him on to pose him in some flying style shots. The stand will also attach to Woody’s so they can be stood on display together.

I’m super pleased with this kit and both he and Woody have definitely become some of my new favourite figures, and I can’t wait to use them in lots of cool photos. Now I’m just keeping my fingers crossed that they release some more characters, especially Jessie!

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