Bo Peep, Slinky & Bullseye Funko Pop! Vinyl Figures

I held a poll on Instagram as to whether people wanted to see blog posts showing the new Toy Story pops as I thought maybe you’d have seen enough of them on other sites. The majority voted yes though, so I’m beginning by showing you the first three that arrived to me which are Bo Peep, Slinky and Bullseye. I’m not going to show you the boxes this time as I think most people are familiar by now with what Pop boxes look like.

I’ll start with Slinky. He’s so cute and I love the pose they did him in. He looks especially adorable from behind with his cute little butt ? He has a few sloppy areas with his painting but it’s not too bad. I love the detail on him, such as the rollers on the bottom of his feet.

Next up is Bo! She’s a pretty heavy and substantial Pop with her big bonnet, and as such, you will definitely need to use her stand because otherwise she will topple over. Again, there are a few sloppy bits with her paintwork but she’s so beautiful and detailed that I can overlook that.

Finally we have Bullseye who I think is my favourite so far. Again, I just adore the pose he is 8n and he just looks so cute ? His painting is the best of the three, but his detail is just amazing too. The texture of him is spot on, the embossing on his saddle and stirrups is awesome, and love that he has ANDY spelt out on his feet too ?

I’m waiting on Wheezy and Mrs Nesbitt to arrive, and Woody on RC, so look out for posts about them soon. I’ll of course also be trying to get all the Toy Story 4 Pops when they come out!

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