Herocross Woody

I had some very exciting mail today so I had to take some photos for a quick blog post straight away! It’s the Herocross Woody figure and he is AMAZING! I ordered him on eBay (the seller was “toystrike”) and it said he wouldn’t arrive until June/July but I ordered him on my birthday (24th April) and he arrived today, 9th May; so much quicker than anticipated! He was packaged really well and he managed to sneak through customs so I didn’t get any charges either.

The packaging is pretty cool; the outer brown carton has a gold sheriff star on the front, and ANDY written on the back. The box inside the carton is cow print like Woody’s waistcoat and inside it is like the yellow check design of Woody’s shirt. Woody and hismpieces and accessories are in plastic trays stacked together inside the box so it’s all neat and easy to store.

Woody comes with three different faces, all of which you can move the eyes into different position. He has four sets of hands in total, including some grippy ones for holding things; plus his hat of course! He also comes with a (plastic) box with a cow on (like the ones Andy drew buildings etc on in the first movie), the Luxo ball, a games console controller, and a little figure of Lenny. The different faces and hands etc are really easy to swap over and he poses really well. I am super impressed with him and can’t wait to take lots more photos of him!

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