Free Printable! – Christmas Movie Countdown Calendars!

I’m a few days late in sharing these but people on my Instagram account voted that they still wanted me to upload them so here they are!

You may remember I did a printable a while ago for a Disney Movie Countdown Calendar that you could print off and make to use to countdown to a special event (e.g. going on a Disney trip etc). So, I decided to make some Christmas Movie Countdown Calendars Roo, to help Countdown to Christmas Day!

I have done two versions – a general Christmas movie one, and a Disney themed one.

To begin with, you will need a craft scalpel, a ruler, a pen, a cutting mat, and some glue! You could use scissors instead of the scalpel but it will be a bit trickier; and a craft mat isn’t essential but if you are using a blade to do the cutting, make sure you have something underneath to protect whatever surface you are doing it on. Also, you can print on regular paper, but if you have any that’s a little thicker than normal, it makes the calendars a little sturdier.

Next, you need to download and print the PDF files. The back sheet is the same for both calendars so print that, and whichever calendar front you would prefer to use!

Download General Christmas Movie Calendar Front Sheet

Download Disney Themed Christmas Movie Calendar Front Sheet

Download Calendar Back Sheet (same for both Front sheets)

(Just a little note to say, sorry if the back sheet doesn’t line up exactly with the front when you print them! I was having trouble with it but rather than keep messing and not get them up today still, I just did it as it is and hopefully you won’t mind that they are a little off!)

Once you have printed them, it’s easier to write the names of the movies you want to watch on the back sheet before you stick the calendar together so I’d recommend doing that first. You can either do it totally randomly, or you can check to see which square is for which day so you know you will be watching certain ultimate faves on specific days 😉

Then you need to use the scalpel and ruler to cut the three sides on each door so that they will open.

When you’ve done that, glue the front and back sheets together and you’re done! I hope you have fun counting down the days to Christmas by watching all your favourite festive flicks!

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