Herocross Buzz Lightyear

Herocross Buzz Lightyear arrived yesterday and I had to get pics straight away to show him in a blog post for you! Please excuse the lighting though, it’s so dark here at the moment!!

The box comes with the brown outer carton like Woody and you can see him peeking out. The carton needs re-gluing in mine but that’s an easy fix. The box itself is then designed to kind of look like Buzz’s spaceship packaging, and has images on the back showing what’s inside. Unfortunately I missed the first pre-order for him so I didn’t get the limited edition spaceship box with the wings, but this one is still pretty cool. Inside, Buzz and all the parts are inside two layers of plastic cartons.

The first layer contains Buzz himself and his three extra faces. His paint work is really nice and detailed and his posing is pretty awesome. He has a good range of movement and I was able to get him to stand on one foot fairly easily. His parts are easy to change. You could have him so he isn’t wearing his visor/helmet, or just wearing the back piece, but I did find that his front green chest piece didn’t stay on very well if you removed his helmet.

The extra faces are all really cool and you can create a wide variety of expressions by changing the positioning of the eyes. All the faces come with their own eyes too which I like as it’s a pain with the Monsters Inc Nendoroid figures for example, that you have to move the same eyes to different faceplates etc.

In the second plastic carton layer are Buzz’s wings, all his extra hands, an Alien Figure, and the utility belt from Toy Story 2 which is really cool as I hadn’t realised that was included. The wings pop on really easily, and the utility belt just clips on easily too. He has a good variety of hands, more than Woody came with, so they will be a lot of fun to use. The Alien Figure is really lovely too, great detail, and his arms can move. His head seems to be on some sort of spring mechanism so you can tilt it so it looks up, but I’m not sure on the point of that as it doesn’t stay in place.

As you can see, Buzz is shorter than Woody but that makes sense because he is in the films. I think they look really cute together and I can’t wait to start taking photos of the two of them together!

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