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This is a repost of a post I did last year on my old blog that I thought I’d share again on here as I think it’s really fun and thought my new followers and readers that may not have seen it before would enjoy it.

I see a lot of my Disney pals on Instagram counting down the days to their next Disney trips and sometimes people even watching a Disney movie a day in the month leading up to their next trip in preparation; and so I decided to make a printable Disney Movie Countdown Calendar for you to print and make!

Its blank behind the doors so you can write whatever movies you like in the boxes; and it doesn’t have to just be for counting down the days until your next Disney park trip. You could use it for any Disney related event e.g. going to see Disney on Ice; or you could just use it whenever you like and have a month long Disney movie marathon! There are 24 boxes as it was a nice number to fit on the page; and it prints out in A4 size. Follow the instructions below for how to assemble it:

Step 1 – First make sure you have the equipment needed which is 2 sheets of white card (doesn’t have to be really thick, just firmer than ordinary paper and not so thick that it won’t feed through your printer), pritt stick (or similar glue), a craft knife (you could use scissors but its a bit trickier), a ruler (or a triangle or other similar item with a straight edge, I used a triangle as thats what I had to hand), and a pen. I also used a cutting mat but its not absolutely necessary, just make sure if you are cutting the doors with a craft knife that you have some sort of protection down on the surface you are using so you don’t scratch lines into your counter!

Step 2 – Download and print off (onto the white card) the two following PDF files of the front and inside of the calendar (the links are at the end of the article)

Download Front Sheet

Download Back/Inside Sheet

Step 3 – Take the front sheet, and using your craft knife and ruler, cut along three of the sides of each “door” so that they can be opened as shown.

Step 4 – Turn the front sheet over and apply the glue, making sure you get to the outer edges as best you can; and then stick the front sheet to the bottom/inside sheet, making sure you have the bottom sheet the correct way round so that the boxes line up with the doors. Then when you open the doors, you should get the coloured box behind.

Step 5 – Now you can write your choice of Disney movies behind each door! You could actually write the movies on before you stick the two sheets together but its up to you. And there you have it! A Disney Movie Countdown Calendar!

Please note that all images used are © Disney/Pixar, All Rights Reserved. Please do not sell this printable.

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