Herocross Bullseye Figure

I had an awesome delivery today – it’s my Bullseye Figure from Herocross! I pre-ordered him direct from Herocross a few months ago. It was my first time ordering direct from them and I was super impressed! He arrived two days after I got the shipping notice, delivered by courier, and no customs fees! His box is absolutely gorgeous. I love the front, and the saddle design on the top…

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Plush Toys

ShopDisney Special Edition Lotso Plush

As soon as I saw people sharing pictures of this Lotso in ShopDisney stores on social media, I knew he needed to come and live with me, and I’ve been patiently waiting for him to be added to their online store. Finally on Friday last week he was, and I purchased him straight away! I already have various plush versions of Lotso, including the Thinkway Signature Collection one (though sadly…

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Board Games

Toy Story Monopoly

I absolutely love board games, and especially “themed” monopoly variants. I have a Pixar monopoly already that I adore, but when I saw this Toy Story version on social media in American stores, I was really hoping it would be available here too. Luckily, I only had to wait a couple of days, and we found it in a ShopDisney here in the UK on my birthday, and my parents…

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A Little Look at Toyography by Sheri Tan (Book Review)

I had a wonderful book arrive a couple of days ago that I have been SO excited to receive! I pre-ordered it months ago on Amazon and it was well worth the wait. It’s called Toyography, by Sheri Tan, and it’s set out like a scrapbook that Andy made about his toys, to give to Bonnie. It starts with a letter that Andy has written to Bonnie, and inside are…

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Toy Story Toybox Figure Set

Earlier last year ShopDisney launched the Toybox Figure range which are poseable figures of various different Disney/Pixar, Star Wars and Marvel characters, with a similar aesthetic to the Disney Infinity game artwork. Most figures were sold individually or sometimes in sets of two with one main figure and a smaller complimentary one etc. Towards the end of the year, they also started selling multipacks of figures such as an Incredibles…

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