Mattel Toy Story Minis Western Adventure Playset

Today I want to share with you the Western Adventures Playset by Mattel from their Toy Story minis range. The Toy Story Minis figures were first released in a couple of sets of the figures, as well as blind bags, but they also released a couple of playsets for using with the figures.

This one is the Western Adventure Playset and it comes with a Woody mini figure. He is holding a lasso which is different to the Woody from the blind bags Playset consist of a scene from Woody’s Roundup with a goldmine, jail and bank. It comes with a train track and a train cart and two money bags. The doors to the jail and bank open and close. The track can be attached at the side or in front of the buildings, and the cart fits onto the track so you can move it along the track. Woody can fit inside the train cart and his hat is also removable. This set also connects up to the Andy’s Room playset which I will share with you tomorrow.

It’s a great range from Mattel, it reminds me a lot of the Buddy Figures they did a few years previously which I also adore. I have a bunch of other figures from the Minis range and they all look so cute together and with the different playsets. I definitely recommend them as the figures are really cute and detailed, it’s definitely one of my favourite ranges of Toy Story toys that has been released.

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