Toy Review: Luca & Alberto’s Adventure Pack by Mattel

I’ve already uploaded these photos as a toy review Reel on my Instagram account but I wanted to make a traditional blog post too for those that prefer reviews in this way, and also so I can expand on my thoughts a bit more. This is one of the new toy figure playsets for the new Pixar movie, Luca; made by Mattel. It’s the “Luca & Alberto’s Adventure Pack” and I got it from ShopDisney, which is the only place I’ve seen this set available in the UK so far.

It comes with Luca and Alberto in their sea monster forms, plus a bunch of accessories. Luca and Alberto are really nice figures. The colours are so nice and really reflective of the visuals in the movie. They can pose quite nicely but you do have to be a little careful that their limbs don’t pop out their sockets hehe! The reason that happens though, is because if you buy the set of figures of them in their human form, you can swap their limbs etc so they are half human and half sea monster. I haven’t tried this yet as I haven’t taken the other figures out the box yet, but I think it’s a really neat idea and can’t wait to try it out!

The accessories included are two of Luca’s fish, his herding stick, the record player, a crab, and the diving helmet and some rubber boots. They are all really nice and a great addition to the set. I’m afraid I forgot to photograph the boots but you can see them in the box packaging photos. Luca and Alberto can wear the boots, and you can take off their heads and fix the helmet on their bodies instead so it looks like they are wearing it.

All in all, it’s a great set and I would recommend it, however I do think it’s quite expensive so it may be worth holding out to try and get it more affordable later on as the Mattel Pixar toys often seem to get reduced later down the line.

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