Funko Disney Chip & Dale Rescue Rangers Figures

One of my absolute favourite cartoons as a kid was Chip & Dale Rescue Rangers. I just absolutely adored Dale and Monty, and it was a cartoon that my big brother would watch with me too which was great. When I saw these figures were being released by Funko, I had to pre-order them right away (not that that actually helped in the end as Pop in the Box lost my order so I ended up getting them elsewhere lol).

They did a few characters from Tale Spin and Darkwing Duck also, but only these two from Rescue Rangers. I adore them, but I really hope they release Monty and Gadget in the future (especially Monty!).

Anyway, lets take a look at these. Chip comes on his own, but Dale comes with a tiny figure of Zippy too which is absolutely adorable. The packaging for both is the same, just with the correct name of the character being different.

Chip is wearing his jacket and hat. The hat is non removeavle which I prefer as most the time when hats are made removable on figures like this, they never stay on properly so I’m pleased it’s attached. His legs can move forwards and backwards, and is arms can bend at the elbows. His head can turn a bit but it’s restricted a bit by his jacket.

Dale is wearing his orange t-shirt and I just love his cheeky little face. Again, his legs can move forwards and backwards and his arms bend well at the elbow. His head can move it a little better from side to side than Chip’s.

The tiny figure of Zippy is just a static figure with no movement but it really doesn’t matter as he is just so cute! They have captured him really well and he just looks adorable with Chip and Dale. I’m really pleased they added him in with Dale.

I would definitely recommend these figures, they are nicely made and it’s just so nice to see some modern merch for the show. Fingers crossed they release Monty and Gadget one day too!

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  1. March 29, 2018 / 2:11 pm

    OOOh so cute <3
    Don't know if you're aware but Funko made some "mystery mini" with this cartoon =)

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