Pooh & Piglet Activity Sheets

Howdy friends! I’m back with some Saturday Scribble’s and this time they feature everyone’s favourite silly old bear Pooh, and his dear friend Piglet. These sheets are a little different but I hope you’ll still enjoy them.

There are two sheets in this set. The first is called Pot of Personality, in which Pooh and Piglet want to learn about the things that make you “you”, and ask you to draw or write all your favourite things in the honeypot. The second is Pooh’s Flowers of Feelings, and it’s essentially a mood tracker. There is one flower for each day of the week, and you colour them in to represent the feelings you experience each day. Hopefully adults and children alike will find these useful, and maybe they may even help as a way of opening up some discussions about feelings etc with little ones.

You can download the PDF file below, and be sure to tag me in your creations on Instagram!

Download the PDF file!

All the sheets are drawn by me, and are not associated with Disney Etc. in any way. Please do not redistribute them anywhere. They are free to download but I have a Kofi where you can “buy me a coffee” if you want to show your support. If you have already done so, or subsequently do so; I would be happy to send you any (or all!) of the other Christmas movie poster colouring pages I have done too.

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