Hasbro Jessie’s Campfire Sleepover Playset

Hi friends! I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and New Year! I’m finally back with a new post, showing you an in depth look at an awesome vintage piece of Toy Story merch!

This is the Jessie’s Campfire Sleepover set, made by Hasbro and released as part of their Toy Story and Beyond range. I’m not sure on the exact release year of this set, but it would have been sometime between 2000-2008.

First let’s take a look at the box. I always loved the packaging for the toys in this range as I just loved the colours and felt they matched in well with the Toy Story aesthetic. This set was one of a small collection they did of Jessie themed sets/items; on the front of the box is an image of one of their Jessie dolls, and the back of the box shows another set available in the range; Jessie’s Pony Ranch set, which came with a Bullseye figure with brushable hair.

Included in the set is a Jessie figure, a critter figure, a sleeping bag, a campfire, a storybook and some marshmallows for toasting.

The Jessie figure has moving arms and legs, and her head turns. Her hat is not removable. As you can see, her outfit is not typical of her outfit as seen in the films, but I have to say I do like the design and colour combos they chose for her. Her pose and cheerful face are very Jessie like though. I also really like the way they did her hands. They can hold the marshmallow stick, but they still look cute when she isn’t holding anything, rather than having one in a permanent odd curved grip.

The bear critter is made of a softer vinyl and is a bit squishy (kind of like a rubber duck). He has a cute face and a nightcap in material to match the sleeping bag.

The sleeping bag has a really cute pattern, and the pillow part is actually padded which is a nice touch. Both Jessie and the critter can fit inside it (not at the same time though haha!).

The campfire is a hard plastic piece and nicely detailed and painted. The storybook is also hard plastic and in a permanently open state. It has a cartoon strip style sticker on it as the pages, and I love the artwork used which depicts Woody’s Roundup type images. The marshmallow stick is really cool as one side of the marshmallows are white and the other side is “toasted”. When you hold it near the fire, the marshmallow’s spin from the white side to the toasted side which is really cute and fun!

This is an adorable set and if you can find one on eBay, I definitely recommend it. I have other items from the Toy Story and Beyond range to show you in future, as well as some other cool toys and sets from Toy Story and other Pixar films, so keep checking back for posts as I’m aiming to post a lot more regularly again this year!