Disney Parks Woody’s Roundup Playset

Today I’m really excited to show you an item I’ve been wanting for absolutely ages, and now I finally have it; and it’s this awesome Disney Parks Woody’s Roundup playset! When I first saw it online, it was only available in the American Parks but finally they got it at Disneyland Paris so I knew that it was the first thing I needed to buy when I went on my trip in September! It’s quite pricey (just under 40 euros) but luckily I could get pass holder discount on it, and it was a lot cheaper than importing it from America which I had been contemplating doing!

So, it’s a fold out playset that when folded up together, it is in the shape of Andy’s toychest, with with design printed on the outside. All the pieces can be stored inside too so it’s really easy to tidy up and keep neat. It unfolds really easily to form an awesome Woody’s Roundup scene, with a backdrop of some buildings, including the sheriff office with little opening doors. It has a track and see saw bridge, for the little wagon to move along. It comes with various tee, cactus and critter pieces which can be spotted into whichever holes you like around the scene. Other pieces include an outhouse, large rock, a TNT barrel, the wagon I mentioned before, and a boulder for rolling after the wagon. The figures it comes with are Woody, Jessie and a Bullseye. The figures aren’t the greatest quality to be honest (as in, the paintwork isn’t great) but it was mainly the actual playset itself that I was after as I think it’s going to work really well for using for photos with the Mattel minis. I’m definitely going to take some pics of them with it soon but for now, please enjoy some more detailed pics of the set below.

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