Mattel “The Child” Doll – Including an Easy Way to Make Him Some Legs!

I tried so hard to resist the “Baby Yoda” hype, I really did! However, I failed, and I have no regrets haha! I ordered two versions of The Child, the first being the Mattel doll which I’m going to show you today, including an easy hack to make him some legs so you can dress him in baby clothes like everyone is doing on insta (including me!).

First let’s look at him as he comes. He comes packaged in this box made to resemble his carrier in the show. It’s a nice design, and you probably could keep it and use it for play or display once you have removed him, if you wanted to, as he is fairly easy to remove from the box.

He comes dressed in his little tunic, and he has a vinyl head and hands, glass eyes and a soft squishy body. The detail on his head/face is so good and the sculpt of his face is so precious! His little cheeks! He even has wrinkles on his head! His hands are nice too, and the glass eyes are stunning. As stated before, his body is soft and squishy, but the key thing to note about this version of him is that he has no feet! The base of his body is weighted with beans so he can “stand” unaided, as he is almost like a doorstop, but yeah, no actual legs or feet. Don’t let this put you off though as his face is so perfect that it makes up for it; plus I have a simple and easy way that you can make him some “legs” if you want to dress him in baby clothes.

Instagram is inundated with people sharing adorable pictures of their “Baby Yoda’s” and I have contributed myself with my little guy (now named Percy!). I’ve seen some Etsy shops in America selling handmade legs and feet, or even whole new bodies, to put the head of this doll on but the costs of importing any of them to me here in the UK were really high so I came up with a fairly simple hack to make my own. It’s not perfect, but it works for me and so I thought I’d share it with you!

I bought a pair of premature baby tights on eBay, and stuffed the legs with teddy bear stuffing (I already had some at home but you can buy bags of stuffing fairly cheap online or in hobby/craft shops etc). You can find the listing for the tights I bought by clicking here (not an ad or anything). There are two sizes available and I got the smallest size. They didn’t have any in the right colour, so I just got an off-white pair as they’ll be covered by clothing anyway, and by getting this colour, I can always try dyeing them in future if I want to. Once you have stuffed the legs, pull the tights onto his body, and he now has some legs!

Looks a little odd, but as you can see, when he’s dressed they work brilliantly! I have dressed him in “Tiny Baby” size clothes and they fit great! Some newborn stuff works too, just a little big.

Whether you want him to display or play with as he is, or dress him up in baby clothes, I can highly recommend this doll! He definitely has the nicest face of any of the dolls or plushies that have been released so far, so adopt your own Child ASAP!

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