Sulley Deluxe Nendoroid Figure

I had a really exciting arrival from Japan this week! I pre-ordered him months ago but he’s finally here and he was definitely worth the wait. He is a Sulley Nendoroid Figure by Good Smile Company. I ordered the deluxe version, which came with extra faces and accessories. A set with Mike and Boo was also released for pre-order and are on the way to me now so I should be able to share those with you soon too.

The box is really nice, with a window front so you can see Sulley peeking out from inside; and images on all sides of the box showing him in different poses, and also a peek at the Mike figure. It’s also got cute Monsters Inc art as the background on all sides of the box, and on the back of the box it shows you what faces are inside. When you take him out the box, the Monsters Inc logo is printed on the back inside.

When you take him out, he and his parts and accessories are stacked in plastic layers. The first layer has the main figure himself, and his extra pair of hands. The two pairs of hands are a pair of grip hands which he can hold things in, and a pair of more spread open hands which are good for scare poses etc.

In the next layer are the two extra faces, two more pairs of eyes, his clipboard with Boo’s drawing and the piece of her door on, a spare joint piece, Boo’s door, and a plastic square which I guess is meant to be a standing platform perhaps.

First let’s look at the figure as he come straight out the box. He has his kind of “normal”smiley face on. He is pretty poseable with his arms having a good range of movement and his head can be turned a bit too. You can take his face off and re-position the eyes to look in different directions and you can even move his eyebrows into different positions too, which comes in handy later! He is so detailed, the paintwork on him is really great and he looks awesome from all angles.

To put eyes into the faces, you just remove the top piece and put the eyes in. I had to carve the fitting on the sad face a bit as it wouldn’t fit in properly but it was an easy fix. You can use any of the eyes in any of the faces which is great for creating lots of fun expressions. There is only one set of eyebrows though but they just pop on and off so they are easy to switch between faces.

His open mouth face is the most fun as it’s amaimg what different expressions you can create with that, just by changing the position of his eyebrows. He can go from scary to scared just like that!

The sad face is so sweet and again, you can make him look extra sad and forlorn by positioning the eyebrows. The detail on his clipboard with Boo’s drawing and piece of her door is so sweet and he can hold it perfectly in his grippy hands. Boo’s door itself is absolutely stunning too! It’s plain on the back but from the front it is just incredible! So detailed!

I am absolutely thrilled with him and can highly recommend him to anyone thinking about buying him. He is a collectors figure though so I wouldn’t necessarily recommend him as a toy for children as he does have a lot of fiddly delicate parts. I can’t wait to have Mike and Boo here too to use in photos all together! They shouldn’t be long now so keep an eye out for a blog post about them soon!

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