Posh Paws Disney Collection Plushies

I was super thrilled and thankful to be sent some magic mail recently from Posh Paws, which is a UK company that makes all sorts of licensed character plush toys, including lots of Disney ones! They have a new line out called the Disney Collection and they kindly sent me three plushies from this collection to show you all.

The ones I received were Snow White, Cheshire Cat and Simba. These plushies are SO soft, especially Cheshire and Simba as they have lovely fluffy “fur”. They have gorgeous big glittery eyes that make them look super cute and kawaii, and they all have some shiny spotty fabric detailing somewhere on them which is a lovely touch too. For Snow, the shiny spot fabric is her skirt; and on Cheshire and Simba it’s in their ears.

They retail at £7.99 and are available at stores such as Clinton’s and The Range, as well as online at Amazon. If you search for “Posh Paws Disney Collection”on Amazon, you will find lots of them listed individually. I have also spotted them in a few local independent gift shops too so its worth checking places like that locally as well. There are so many cute characters available, including loads of Pixar ones, so I know I’ll be buying myself some more to add to my collection soon!

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