Jakks Pacific “Incredibles 2” Edna Mode Doll

The final doll to show you from the Incredibles 2 range by Jakks Pacific is the awesome Edna Mode. Again, she is available to buy in the UK from retailers such as Smyths Toys and the Disney Store.

Unfortunately  I was too eager to open her and forgot to take solo pics of her in her packaging but you can see the front of it in the group photo of them all in their boxes and as you can see, it’s lretty much the same as all the others, just with pictures of her instead.

Straight out the box, she is pretty awesome. I love her hair and her dress is not too stiff so she can pose quite nicely without that getting in the way. I love her glasses too as they really make her eyes magnified like in the films. She doesn’t have real stockings on her legs, her legs are just actually coloured black, but I think it works well for her design and making her look more film accurate.

She can stand on her own and sit fairly nicely, and she has a good range of movement in her arms too. I do love the expression on her face but my own slight issue with her is that I can’t decide if her face looks mature enough. I know Edna is small and looks fairly childlike in the films but you could still tell from her face that she was an adult, but from some angles, I sometime think this doll looks too childlike. As a whole though, she is pretty awesome and Jakks have once again done an great job with her.

My only real complaint about this specific range of dolls is that they didn’t do Dash!! They all look so great together but it is a real shame that they didn’t do a matching Dash to complete the family photo 🙁

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