AD (PR Sample) Disney Wisdom Collection – January (Dumbo)

This year, Disney Store are launching their Disney Wisdom collection, which is a monthly release focusing on a different Classic Disney movie each month and centering  on an iconic quote from that movie. The monthly releases will include a plush, mug, journal, set of pins, and t-shirt and as well as being focused on a different movie each month, each collection will be a different colour theme based on the colours of a rainbow. Here in the UK, they will be released on the 18th of each month (online at 8am and in stores when they open).

Disney Store very kindly gifted me the January release this week so I could show it to you all prior to the release and I am so so thankful and thrilled. The January release is based on Dumbo and focuses on the quote, “The very things that held you down are going to carry you up, up, up”, said by Timothy Mouse.

The plush for this release is Dumbo and he will cost £25. As you can see, he is blue (which is the colour scheme for the month) which I think works really well for him. His main body is made of a felt type material and he has an embroidered face. His hat, ruffle and the front of his ears are made of the usual soft almost velvety material that Disney usually use. I think the two fabrics work well together. I think the felt fabric helps him maintain his shape a bit more rather than being too floppy which I think will help with displaying him, but he is still soft and nice to cuddle too. The front of his ears are embroidered with the quote and I just love the type and colours they have used. It’s difficult to see face on but Dumbo’s mouth is slightly open in a sweet little smile, and he is holding his magic feather in his trunk. He also has the Disney Wisdom logo embroidered on his rear.

The journal is hardback and has the quote on the front. It’s printed on but it’s also embossed which gives it a nice texture and a bit more of a special feel. On the spine it has “Disney Wisdom Vol. 1” and a silhouette of Dumbo’s head, which I think is a really nice touch and they will look so nice all lined up together once all 12 have been released. I like the idea of using them as journals for different “volumes” of your life. The inside and back inside pages have an all over silhouette print, and then all the pages are lined and have an alternating silhouette of Timothy Mouse and Dumbo on each page. I haven’t tried writing in it yet but the pages feel a nice quality and thickness too. The journal will cost £12.

The mug again features the quote on one side, and has artwork of Timothy and Dumbo on the other. It’s the same shape as the Mickey Memories mugs and they will be stackable like those too, which will make them easier to store if you get more than one. I think it’s a nice size, not too big and not too small. It will cost £12.50.

Finally, the pins are a set of three for £12 and come together on a backing card. There is one of Timothy, one of Dumbo and one that is like a picture frame with the month’s quote on it. The artwork for these is absolutely lovely and they are a great size. I think the price for them is really great value too and they are probably my favourite item/s in the collection.

There will also be a t-shirt released each month with the quote of the month on. I didn’t receive that but I am assuming it will be the same artwork used on the front of the journal or the pin. The items are all going to be limited release (meaning only a certain amount have been made) but I am unsure as to exactly how many will be available.

I will admit that when I first heard about the Disney Wisdom collection, I really wasn’t sure about it; but having seen it in real life, I am blown away. It’s absolutely stunning and I can’t wait to see the new releases each month. I love that it’s a different film each month as I think there will be something to appeal to everyone, and the focus on an inspiring or uplifting quote is really lovely. Make sure you check out the collection online or in stores tomorrow (18th January) ❤️

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  1. January 17, 2019 / 10:40 am

    I’m thinking I’ll totally get drawn into this collection! I’m not sure about the plushes, but the pins look amazing! I love the notebook, didn’t realise how many details it would have. Tempted of that as well now. Great blog post xxx

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