Toy Story Toybox Figure Set

Earlier last year ShopDisney launched the Toybox Figure range which are poseable figures of various different Disney/Pixar, Star Wars and Marvel characters, with a similar aesthetic to the Disney Infinity game artwork. Most figures were sold individually or sometimes in sets of two with one main figure and a smaller complimentary one etc. Towards the end of the year, they also started selling multipacks of figures such as an Incredibles…

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Disney Wisdom Collection – January (Dumbo)

This year, Disney Store are launching their Disney Wisdom collection, which is a monthly release focusing on a different Classic Disney movie each month and centering  on an iconic quote from that movie. The monthly releases will include a plush, mug, journal, set of pins, and t-shirt and as well as being focused on a different movie each month, each collection will be a different colour theme based on the…

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Funko Pop! Rides – Pizza Planet Truck

I’m so thrilled to show you this Funko Pop! Rides Pizza Planet Truck figure today as I really thought I wouldn’t be able to get hold of one. It was exclusive to Box Lunch in the USA and the Disney Store in the UK announced they would be getting it exclusively here, but there was no confirmation as to when or how many there would be etc. They popped up…

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Mickey Mouse Memories September Collection

This month’s Mickey Memories Collection theme was the 90s and as soon as I saw the design for the plush and pins, I fell in love and knew I would have to try and get them. The print is super nostalgic to me as most my childhood was in the 90s and it reminds me of the fashion then, and some of my fave shows as a kid such as…

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Cardiff Disney Store Instagram Meet Up

Since I started my Instagram account @lucysroomtoys, I have been blessed to have met some amazing people with a shared love for all things Disney. Although chatting with each other online is great fun, I really wanted to try and arrange something where we could all meet in person and chat Disney and get to know each other. I had seen London meet ups being arranged before but with my…