Disney Valentine’s Gift Guide: Small Business Edition

Valentine’s Day is fast approaching so I’ve put together a little Disney themed gift guide for you from some of my favourite UK based small businesses.


1. Tale as Old as Time Print by Alice Vitrum Apparel – Beauty and the Beast is always a great theme for Valentine gift giving and will certainly feature in this post more than once. I really love this print because although it’s got the enchanted rose on it, it’s not overly feminine. It’s available as an A6 postcard, or an A4 poster. Alice also has a gorgeous Cinderella Castle Print that would make a lovely gift too, which is also available in A6 or A4 sizes; and if Harry Potter is more your thing, her Love Potion enamel pin may be the perfect choice instead.

2. Leia and Han Print by Kayley Mills – Again, there will be a few Star Wars items featured in this post but this print by Kayley Mills is one of my favourites! Kayley is one of my favourite artists (she designed my blog header!) and this A5  print of one of the greatest couples ever is just fantastic. Kayley also has some other fantastic prints that would be amazing for Valentine’s gifts, including a Beauty and the Beast design. If Disney isn’t your thing, she has lots of other awesome themes available too, and can do custom portraits as well (though I’m unsure if these would be available in time for Valentine’s Day now due to the custom nature so you’d need to double check on her shop).

3. Bambi and Faline Necklace by Mary & Doll’s – There are lots of seriously adorable things at Mary & Doll’s but this necklace featuring one of the cutest Disney animal couples ever caught my eye as a potential awesome Valentines gift. The light pink colour of the chain is really pretty too. There are lots of other wonderful items in their shop if this isn’t your style; including a love Minnie Mouse heart shaped one, some Beauty and the Beast designs, a d lots from other fandoms too. She also has brooches, earrings, key rings and much more available.

4. Lava Volcanoes Card By CocoNutacha – Lava is one of my absolute favourite Pixar shorts and this design by Coconutatcha is just so beautiful. The picture shows their card design with the words “I Lava You” on it but it is also available as a print without the writing on. I actually have a copy of the print and it really is so beautiful and the print and paper quality is lovely. She has lots of other gorgeous designs that would be great for Valentine’s gifting too including a stunning one of the Disneyland Paris castle and a really cute Harry Potter themed one. She can also do customised prints of your favourite quote.

5. Ewok Card by Mombi & Ted – There are so many adorable designs on Mombi & Ted’s Etsy shop but I am an absolute sucker for Ewok’s so this one really caught my eye. Just look at it’s cute face! There are some other Star Wars designs too (including an adorable Yoda one), plus they have lots of seriously adorable designs inspired by other fandoms such as Totoro and Adventure Time, as well as some other generally cute characters. You must check out their cards with the felt characters on the front, plus their felt brooches and plushies. Seriously so cute!

6. Leia and Han Lego Figure Picture Frame by Through Creation – There are quite a few shops that do these types of box frame pictures using Lego minifigures but this one by Through Creation caught my eye because I particularly liked the design used for the quote. They have lots of other cute designs available, and can even mix fandoms to suit yours and your loved ones likes e.g. Batman and Cinderella, which I particularly like. They are also available as cards, or even on hanging wooden ornaments that you could then keep and hang from your Christmas tree.

7. You’re My Favourite Deputy Card by Jessica Scissorhands – I had a very hard time choosing my favourite design to feature from this shop as there are so many awesome ones, including several Pixar themed ones which is a big plus for me! I went with this one though as it is inspired by my favourite cowboy. Their Up designs are also fantastic, but if you are looking for something inspired by other fandoms; they have plenty of other great designs inspired by things such as Pokemon, Stranger Things (including an awesome heart shaped Eggo’s pin), and Game of Thrones to name but a few. Most of their cards are also available as a digital download for you to print yourself at home too so if you end up leaving it too late to order one by post, this could be the perfect solution for you!

8. You Are My Greatest Adventure Badge & Card Pack by Bishop Please – Carl and Ellie from Up are ultimate couple goals for me and I absolutely adore this card and badge pack from Bishop Please. This card design features their iconic chairs side by side, and you can buy it in a pack with a set of two matching badges (one with each chair on); one for you and one for your partner. Sobbing! You can also buy the card and badges separately. They have lots of other awesome Disney inspired designs too including Toy Story, Wall-E, Star Wars and more; plus plenty of other cool fandoms too.

9. Mickey & Minnie Silhouette Framed Picture by Pattern in the Paper – Pattern in the Paper specialise in silhouette style character papercut pictures of your favourite characters, over gorgeous patterned fabric. This Mickey and Minnie design is absolutely adorable and you can customise their designs by choosing which primary colour and fabric design you would like. I believe you can also request other sizes and other characters from them that may not be listed in the shop so if you can’t see what you are looking for in their listings, it’s worth messaging them to see if they can do what you require.

10. Dug Card by Design Me Pretty – This is another absolutely adorable Up design but this one comes from Design Me Pretty and features one of my most favourite characters of all time; Dug, with one of my favourite Dug quotes. Their card range and art is absolutely amazing; they have several other adorable Up inspired designs (including a gorgeous one of Young Carl & Ellie), plus lots of other Disney and other awesome fandom inspired designs including Stranger Things, Star Trek, Harry Potter and many more. Many of their cards can be customised to suit the occasion too so they don’t have to be restricted to Valentines use.

11. Heart of Te Fiti by Seastone by Joanna – This is something a little different for you but I think one of these hand engraved sea pebbles made to look like the Heart of Te Fiti from Moana would make a really brilliant and unique Valentines gift. Each one is an authentic hand carved sea pebble, straight from the sea, hand painted and coated with a special powder so that it even glows in the dark. Each one is therefore also completely unique, and they just look absolutely incredible.

12. Disney Couples Hanging Ornament Cards by Magic by Mimi – My bestie Chloe told me about these awesome creations and I just had to feature them in this post. There are a lot of shops around that make wooden hanging decorations and plaques using upcycled Disney books etc. but I just love this concept by Magic by Mimi of a card featuring a hanging ornament. Not only do you get a beautiful card, but the ornament can be kept afterwards too and either hung somewhere in your home, or on your tree at Christmas etc. You can also buy the ornaments separately, plus she does other things like wooden boxes too. I think the couples cards are only being released on her Instagram account at certain times so you’ll have to check it out and keep an eye out for notices for when more may be available but I think they will definitely be worth the wait!

I hope you enjoyed my gift guide and that you may have found some inspiration for gifts or cards you could get for your loved ones this Valentine’s Day.

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