Mickey Mouse Memories September Collection

This month’s Mickey Memories Collection theme was the 90s and as soon as I saw the design for the plush and pins, I fell in love and knew I would have to try and get them. The print is super nostalgic to me as most my childhood was in the 90s and it reminds me of the fashion then, and some of my fave shows as a kid such as Rugrats and Saved by the Bell.

I haven’t been getting items from the collection every month; previously I just had the plush and pins for April (my birthday month) and June (my brother’s birthday month). This month I actually also ordered the mug because I just thought the design translated to it particularly well. I won’t be using it to drink from though, it’s purely for display!

The Mickey plush is made from a kind of pleather type material, similar to my April one but September feels a lot smoother and silkier. As usual, he has the special stamp on his foot and I love the colours they chose to do that it. The whole design is so fun and vibrant!

The set of pins is really lovely too, and I actually think the middle one of the words “Mickey Mouse” is actually my favourite. They are all super lovely though!

Although April and June were special to me as they represented myself and my brother’s birth months, I have to say September is probably my favourite of the three months design wise. It just really represents me personality wise. It’s the last month I will be purchasing anything from the collection now so I’m glad that stress is over! Well. I say that, but I could be tempted by December once more pictures surface as he does look super pretty 🙈


  1. Sabine Romsee
    September 20, 2018 / 4:00 pm

    Aww Lucy , first time I read blog ! I loved it, you are such a great writer.
    The pictures are awesome ! I’m still waiting for my September Mickey Memories to arrive but i loved the colours. It was my birthday on September 9th that’s why I wanted him. Also got the August one as I liked the gold. Can’t wait to read your next story and I’m sure will read the ones I haven’t. xxx

  2. Fran Frost
    September 20, 2018 / 8:00 pm

    Really enjoyed reading this post. Thank you for sharing.

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