For the Birds Plush Set (Japan Disney Store)

Japan Disney Store recently released an incredible Pixar collection so I couldn’t resist ordering a few things from it which I’ll be showing you on individual posts, starting with this set of plushies from the Pixar short, For the Birds.

I adore the Pixar shorts and For the Birds is one of my all time faves. It’s so hard to get decent merch for the short films though, with much of it being exclusive to the Pixar studios store which is only accessible if you are lucky enough to get a tour, or work there etc. So I always get really excited when I see awesome new merch from any of the shorts.

These little guys come attached together but it’s only by a little plastic tie so you could separate them easily enough if you wanted to. They are really soft and fluffy and each one has a cute little expression (basically they are some of the faces they pull when they are making fun of the big bird in the short). I am absolutely thrilled with them, Injust wish they had made a plush of the bigger bird to go with them.

Check back soon to see what else I got in my order!

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