Mickey Memories Collection – June Plush & Pins

I haven’t been collecting all of the Mickey Memories items being released each month this year by Disney Store. So far, I only had the April plush and pins but now I am pleased to have added the June plush and pins to my collection too. I loved the design of April and got him to mark my birthday month; and as soon as I saw pictures of June, I knew I needed him too as his design just looked so beautiful. He was also actually released in the UK on 18th June which is my brother’s birthday so I am pleased to have the Mickey’s and pins from each of our birthday month’s.

According to the blurb from the promos, June Mickey “embraces the 60’s with tie dye details, straight from the hippie heyday with peace and love!”

He has a denim look and feel to him, and his shorts are a beautiful tie dye material. It really is so vibrant and colourful! One ear has the word “Love” embroidered on it, and the other has “Peace” with flower and heart detailing. He also has a red heart embroidered on his chest which is my favourite feature ❤️ The stamp on his foot is in really beautiful striking colours too. The tag on mine was slightly bent on arrival but that’s not a huge issue for me. I’ve seen a few people had some stitching issues with their June Mickey’s which is a real shame,  it thankfully mine seems to be ok.

The pins are also stunning and feature one full body one of June Mickey, one of his face/head, and one of Mickey’s hand making a peace sign with the beautiful tie dye pattern. They are all absolutely beautiful but my favourite is probably the one of his face/head.

June Mickey really is absolutely stunning. I couldn’t say which one I prefer out of April and June as they both have different details and qualities that make them really special. From the pictures that have been leaked of upcoming month’s so far, the next one I am going to be after is September Mickey which celebrates the 90s. I hope those of you that wanted items from the June range were able to et what you wanted ❤️

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