Jakks Pacific “Incredibles 2” Mr. Incredible & Jack-Jack Dolls

Next up to show you from the line of Incredibles 2 dolls by Jakks Pacific is this set which includes Mr. Incredible himself and the adorable baby Jack-Jack. Again, this set is available to purchase from retailers such as Amazon, Smyths Toys and Disney Store itself.

The packaging is again very similar to the packaging for Violet and Elastigirl that I have already shown you, but with artwork of Mr. Incredible and Jack-Jack instead (and obviously a bigger box).

I could get Mr. Incredible (let’s call him Bob to make it easier) to stand on his own but it did take a little balancing. It is possible though and that’s the main thing! Like his wife and daughter, his super suit is made of the same shiny material and just feels and looks really nice. His boots are different but still have the same slit at the back to make it easier to put them on and off. His mask has the same sticky stuff on the back so you can just stick it onto his face but like Elastigirl’s, it didn’t fit exactly to his face so I did have to bend it a bit to get it to go on.

I love his big strong shape and I think they captured his face really well; he is super handsome! Like with Violet and Elastigirl, his posing is a little restricted by the tightness of his super suit but it’s still pretty good.

Jack-Jack does not have a material super suit, his outfit is painted directly on to his plastic body but it’s a gorgeous shiny metallic red so it looks really lovely. Again, they captured his face really well; he is SO cute! He poses quite nicely and can sit and stand on his own.

I really love this set, another fantastic job from Jakks Pacific and I really recommend them. I’d also like to note that I bought all of these myself and these are my honest opinions. I really think they are fantastic.